Immortality In Art
Immortality In Art

Life Casting and Laser Art

Torsos, Faces, Objet De'Art, and Functional Items

John C. Heglin has worked as an Artist/Sculptor for more than 40 years working in CLAY, METAL, GLASS and WOOD. He also has extensive training in psychology and counseling. His goal has been to develop a permanent, highly accurate affordable Life Casting, to offer to those who need it therapeutically, or even to those who just want to preserve their aesthetic form against the onslaught of aging.

Originally developed as a beneficial device to help woman deal emotionally with breast cancer, the process has developed into a unique and beautiful art form - a celebration of the female form - a perfect replica of the torso.

Graceful as a goddess, permanent as the pyramids.

Basic Torso
Basic Face Cast with Hair Basic Face Cast

Face masks so detailed that they can display the actual thoughts or feelings of the individual. You can be a work of art that could last forever!

John's newest work, Trashy Lady is shown below:
Trashy Lady was chosen to in the fine arts exhibit at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the 2014 San Diego Fab Fair June 7 through July 6th where it won a People's Choice Award.
Mineral King Pup was in the Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park for the October/November 2008 show.
Apple of My Pie was selected to be in the Museum for the September 2009 Regional Art Show.
Tahitian Princess On display at the Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park in February of 2010.
Silver Streak could be seen in the same show.
Goddess with Red Swirls: This piece was juried into the show on exhibit in July 2009 at the Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park. 
Torso and face casts can be copper leafed for a bronze look!

The same mold can be used to make a simple, graceful goddess (basic torso cast above)or create a sublime work of art.


This person had his face cast after being diagnosed with cancer. He left clay faces of himself for his son.

As he worked on ships in the military and loved to scuba dive, his son mounted his face on the hull of this underwater ship in San Diego where he worked for over a year to commemorate his life.

It will stay there for all time.
Mollie Smiles

John C. Heglin, Artist

Virtual Immortality

760-310-6368 phone

760-765-0308 fax

P.O. Box 2412

Julian, CA 92036

We are located in the beautiful old gold mining town of Julian, California at 4,200 feet about 1 hour north east of San Diego. Our studio is located on a 10 acre apple orchard. Clients may come to our studio to be cast or we can cast a face at a client's location in special circumstances.
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