Immortality In Art
Immortality In Art
Using a process that I developed after getting my first hand held laser several years before. I created these images, in the early 2000’s using lovely models and three colored lasers. The lasers more imply the sensuous contours of the model’s form rather than reveal them outright. I chose somewhat classic poses to accentuate the beauty and sensuality of the subjects rather than their explicit sexuality. It is my belief that there is no form in nature more beautiful and powerful than that of the female nude. I am honored to have pioneered a new way to illuminate that form.

Luminous laser light lines caress the feminine form like a sensual topographic map, exposing nothing, suggesting everything. Illuminating not only the model’s natural beauty, but also, potentially hidden thoughts and feelings within each of us.
Shakespeare would have liked this lithesome lasered lass with a literary leaning. This gorgeous glowing girl conjures spirits of joy and wonder. Poor Yorick would have loved to have known “her” well.
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