Immortality In Art
Immortality In Art
The following are testimonials from some past clients:

"Throughout the ages and in all cultures, face masks have been used as a medium to make sacred, immortalize and empower us. In contemporary society, masks have become powerful tools for promoting personal development by expressive art therapists.

John Heglin’s innovative casting techniques bring extraordinary detail to his face and body masks. Together with his artistry and personal sensitivity for the subject, he creates objects that can be highly therapeutic yet beautifully unique works of art at the same time. When words or simple imagery is not enough, John’s masks are probably the finest in this field. Those wishing to work on their self-image for whatever reason, or simply seeking a novel art form to depict loved ones, should visit John’s studio and explore the possibilities."

Hans de Haan, MD, PhD

San Diego, CA
"I enjoy so much having the sculpture of my torso on my bedroom wall, I decorate it with a necklace and a scarf, it looks like my mini "Le Louvre" collection! John is really an artist and knows how to make breasts look good! I also had my face casted..., my twin sister had hers done too and for the first time we really could compare our faces in 3 dimensions, fascinating!

It also makes great gifts for special occasions, we offered a good friend to have her breast casted by John for her 50th birthday, she said she never had such an original gift!"

Francoise G., tantra teacher, La Jolla, CA
"I had a face mask done on my 39th Birthday. The reason I chose to have it done was for therapeutic reasons due to having been born with a facial deformity - a hare lip and cleft palatte. This helped me enormously to see myself as I really am and not as I see myself with a deformity worse than it really is.

John was very gentle, caring and did an excellent job with which I am very happy. Having the mask hanging in my home is a great help to me.

I thoroughly recommend him for either a

therapeutic cast or for just a mask."

Katie, San Diego, CA

"Two years ago, I was introduced to John at the Volcan Mountain Preserve Foundation auction where he donated a casting for the cause. I thought it sounded interesting and a thing to do in my "70's" era.

My wife accompanied me to his studio, set in a beautiful apple orchard and next to the Menghini Winery. She was fascinated by the process of the face casting and also by John who had to work quickly before the plaster set up. All through the procedure John assured me that I would be breathing normally and that the nasal passages would be clear. I felt relaxed the whole time.

After many hours of skilled finishing work, the art piece was presented to me. In fact, there were several ensuing casts made using different materials and details which delighted me very much. It has been fun sharing them with friends and family."

Ronald Granquist

P.O. Box 2486

Julian, CA 92036 (760) 765 - 0138
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