Immortality In Art
Immortality In Art

The Process:

The victim client is prepared for casting using a special, unique process (sh! Trade secret).

Vaseline is applied as a mold release (also good for the skin).

Mold material is expertly applied.

Breathing is not impaired, so the client breaths comfortably and naturally.

Once hardened (about 15 minutes from the start), the client gently removes the mold themselves. The mold is an exact negative copy of the person's face.

Many find the process relaxing; many find it exciting and fun.

The mold must then be stabilized and prepared to accept clay (a complex process that can take two weeks).

Liquid clay (slip) is poured into the mold and after time poured back out and set to dry.

The "leather hard" mask is removed from the mold and cleaned up and re-sculpted at this point – also nostrils are opened.

Eyes can be sculpted open using photos of client.

Hair can be added one hair at a time.

There are many possibilities for clay.

Glazing is another 4 to 5 steps and involves a separate firing in the kiln.

Finally art happens!

The cost ranges from $100 for a basic face cast and $500 for a basic torso cast and up based on adding hair, glazes, etc. There is no charge for people with cancer or other therapeutic needs.
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